CantarX3 Full package with Cantaress

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A full CantarX3 PACKAGE with all accessories including the Cantaress
See detailed packing list.

SKU: 2300010 / EAN 3700592605351.

CantarX3 Full Package with Cantaress includes.

1 x Cantar X3 Package including :
1 x AATON CANTAR X3, 24 Tracks Sound recorder
24 Tracks Digital Audio Recorder
• Perfect ergonomics for cart or shoulder operation
• Swiveling front panel with ultra bright large color display
• User friendly with intuitive menus and confortable mechanical controls
• Uncompromised audio quality with unique on-board mixer

1 x Hard case
• Cantar X3 carrying case

1 x AL63 power supply
• Universal power supply with XLR-4 connector and an AC power cord

1 x Dante option
• Audinate Dante audio network access

1 x Cantaress
• The new Cantaress for the CantarX3 and the CantarMini.
Delivered with carrying case and AL63 power supply.

1 x Cantar X3 Bag
• This bag for the CantarX3 is a modular advanced design to offer versatility without weight.

1 x Rain Poncho
• This poncho offer a wide vinyle window on the front and protects the operator from the rain.

1 x Aaton X3 Color 13 Slider pack
• 13 color magnetic faders for the CantarX3. Also fits the Cantaress.

1 x Display protection
• Compatible with CantarX3 and CantarMini

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